Monday, March 30, 2009

Summer Camps

Has anyone signed up or want to sign up for any summer camps that might sound fun??? I would love to know so I along with many others can check them out.


  1. I have recently signed up for a Volleyball camp and I am thinking about a AZ Smart Minds Camp. Is anyone else thinking about doing the AZ Smart Minds Camp?? I don't really want to be the only MMES 6th grader there. It sounds really interesting though. I ight also be doing the AAWL summer camp. That one is where you learn how to take care of animals and it is at a pound and you learn how to wash animals and cages, and take care of animals and many other things. Also the Catalina Sea Camp sounds fun, but it costs alot.

  2. I will be teaching for during the summer.
    I will be teaching Law with Mrs. Ballou.
    The program also offers Forensic Science and math.

    I am also looking into teaching at an athletic camp.

    Miss Bailin

  3. What athletic camp because I want to check that out. I am doing the volleyball camp. Miss Bailin do you think I should do the AZSmartMinds camp. I am not sure. What do you think???